Posted: 22 Nov '16

Why Use A Mortgage Broker The Next Time Youre Buying A Home

When you work with a mortgage broker in Edmonton, you’re hiring a well-equipped, money-saving machine designed to cut through the red tape that comes with large lending. A qualified broker serves as your personal financial advisor whose mission is simple: to get you the best possible deal that matches your ideal purchase and financial position. In fact, there are many reasons to use a mortgage broker the next time you’re buying a home.

Reasons to Choose Mortgage Brokers

#1. Save Yourself Time

Your time is valuable and your Edmonton mortgage brokers at Dominion Lending Centres will save you plenty of it: Due to working in the home financing industry daily, our brokers have instant access to information that might take you weeks of research to discover.

#2. More Money in Your Pocket

Successful mortgage brokers can get discounted mortgage rates due to their high volume. For you, that translates to savings when compared to standard lending institutions.

#3. Get the Mortgage That Fits You

If you have less than perfect credit, financial institutions may make getting ideal rates on a mortgage impossible. Mortgage brokers in Edmonton can work with all types of credit situations to ensure you’re in the best position financially from the start.

#4. Less Stress

Home buying is a stressful endeavor, and doing it by yourself means it’s easier to get caught up in all the details. Your mortgage broker handles all the heavy lifting– and a majority of the stress – so you can shop worry free for a mortgage that suits your needs.

#5. You Are Put First

Mortgage brokers are held to a higher standard than banks. Mortgage brokering is governed, meaning your interests are first when a deal is being made. Your broker will not risk their livelihood on getting you a deal that is less than perfect for your situation.

#6. Using a Broker Doesn't Cost You Anything!

Your mortgage broker works for you- for free! Mortgage brokers are paid by the lenders who are making investments which means you, the home buyer, get your very own mortgage mentor at no charge.

Working with Edmonton mortgage brokers saves you time and keeps more of your money in your pocket where it belongs. Can you afford not to work with a broker next time you're in the market for a mortgage? Contact us today and learn how we can help you!

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