Posted: 15 Sep '18

Mortgage Broker Services in Spruce Grove: Where to Start?

Review Your Income Details and Gather Documents

Before seeking the help of mortgage services, you'll want to be sure to review your financial situation and gather any important documents your broker will need -- such as pay stubs, income tax returns, and any details about rental or business income. Mortgage broker services use this information to determine how much mortgage you can afford.

Be Informed

To make the most of mortgage broker services, it's a good idea to do a little research on your own. Knowing what kinds of mortgage products and terms are available will help your meeting go much smoother and help your broker choose the loan product that best suits your needs.

List Any Questions You Have

Mortgage broker services are staffed with lending experts who can answer any questions that you may be hesitant to ask a bank or credit union. Before heading out to your first meeting with your broker, it can be helpful to write down any important questions that you have about the mortgage application process, interest rates, and mortgage terms. Doing so will ensure you get all the answers you need.

Be Prepared to Disclose Your Assets and Liabilities

To best use mortgage broker services to your advantage, you'll need to gather all the information your broker will need about your assets -- such as your investments, your savings account balances, and any vehicles you own. You'll also need to provide information about any liabilities, which may include credit card balances, personal loans, and auto loans.

Speaking with a mortgage broker specialist can be of great assistance to those who are nervous about approaching banks and other lending institutions on their own. Contact us for more information about how to prepare for your first mortgage broker services meeting with our Spruce Grove mortgage specialist.

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