Posted: 16 Nov '17

Choosing The Right Mortgage Broker During The Fort Mac Housing Boom

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) has stated that reconstruction has started on one third of the residential units destroyed in the wildfires — about 844 units. While the rebuilding process is estimated to take three to four years to complete, the CHMC says that housing units are being rebuilt faster than expected. Housing prices expected to rise in earnest over the next few years, so you'll want to have a Fort McMurray mortgage broker on your side to get you the best mortgage.

How a Fort McMurray Mortgage Broker Can Help

With the Fort McMurray housing market expected to continue to improve over the next few years, consulting a Fort McMurray mortgage broker to help you access the right lenders is a smart idea. Fort McMurray mortgage brokers help homebuyers with all aspects of obtaining a home loan, from preparing documents to securing the best interest rates. Whether you're a first-time buyer, self-employed, or want to save time shopping around for the best rate, a Fort McMurray mortgage broker can assist you with all of your mortgage needs.

Low Resale Value

Unfortunately, because the oil prices are still quite low, so is the resale market. This trend will remain this way until the oil industry recovers. However, this can be beneficial to you if you are looking to buy a home in Fort McMurray. If you are looking to buy your first home, a Fort McMurray mortgage broker can help you pre-qualify for a first-time home buyers loan.

If you're thinking of investing in property, a Fort McMurray mortgage broker can tell you exactly how much financing you'll qualify for and which mortgage product is best for you. Contact us today for help securing the best mortgage rate during the Fort McMurray housing boom.

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