Posted: 23 Jun '16

Broker Or No Broker Benefits Of Using Mortgage Brokers

Despite what you might have heard, working with a mortgage broker for your first mortgage, refinancing or renewal has many benefits. Unlike working with financial institutions who are working for their companies, a mortgage broker is working for you. There are many benefits Alberta mortgage brokers offer so that you can decide how to secure your financing.

Mortgage Brokers Save Time and Stress

Traditional lenders only have access to the financing products offered by their institutions. Good mortgage brokers however, have access to over 50 lenders, each with their own terms and conditions for lending. If you were to try to shop around to find the best mortgage deal, it could take you weeks and you'd never gain access to most of the lenders brokers do. Your broker will assess your financial position and find you the best options for your mortgage. The time and stress saved is tremendous.

More Money in Your Pocket

Due to the wide variety of lenders available to mortgage brokers, they often have access to discounted rates. In fact, depending on your credit situation, they may even beat your bank's offerings. A better rate on your mortgage means you can pay your financing off faster.

Your mortgage brokers in Alberta work tirelessly to find you the best deal, ensure all of the paperwork is in order and keep you apprised of the status of your mortgage throughout the process. All of these time and stress-saving services are free to you. Brokers are paid by the lenders for whom they are arranging an investment. That means it's a win-win situation for you.

Ethical Practices Aren't Optional

While your Alberta mortgage brokers at Dominion Lending Centres believe in providing the best possible service to every client we serve, the mortgage brokerage industry as a whole is under mandate by governing bodies to provide an extra layer of comfort. Mortgage professionals are licensed individuals who must adhere to ethical and upstanding values, operating with integrity for their clients at all times.

This might all sound too good to be true and if you don't believe us, contact us today. Our mortgage brokers are experienced and happy to help you with your mortgage needs and answer any of your questions.You have nothing to lose and fantastic mortgage terms to gain!

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