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Is a Debt Consolidation Loan Right for Me?

Jamie Arthurs

Debt Consolidation Loan
Are you having difficulty managing your monthly payments or are feeling overwhelmed about your finances? If you have a lot of consumer debt and own your own home, a debt consolidation loan using your home’s equity can help you get your finances back under control. Not only do debt consolidation loans in Red Deer lower your average interest rate so you can pay off debt faster, but they also help you rebuild your credit rating by making repayment easier. Instead of managing multiple payments to different creditors, you'll just need to make one simple payment per month on your mortgage.  Read More..

What are Dominion Mortgage Brokers and How Can They Help You?

Mike Christenson

Dominion mortgage Brokers
Many people are hesitant to consult a mortgage broker to assist with purchasing a home — after all, does a broker really do anything that you're not able to do yourself? ABSOLUTELY! There are several benefits to working with a mortgage lender as opposed to directly with banks and other lenders. Here's what you need to know about dominion mortgage brokers and how they can help you in the home-buying process.  Read More..

Mortgage Refinancing in Post Oil Alberta

Jeff Arthurs

Mortgage Refinancing Alberta

Let's be honest: ever since oil took a nose dive a couple of years ago, things have been trickier in Alberta. The economy has taken a hit, and with rumors of a Canadian property bubble and the looming NAFTA renegotiation on the horizon, we might yet be in for an even bumpier ride. Read More..

Dominion Lending Centres: Looking to Buy Your First Home? How to know if Your Credit is good

Jamie Arthurs

Dominion Lending Centres
The fastest way to finance the purchase of your first home is through a loan. It goes without saying that the first thing your prospective lender will look into before lending you, is indeed your credit history. Ironically, most people do not pay any attention to their credit until they need to rely on it. Additionally, most people don’t even know what is meant by a credit score. Let’s break this down. Read More..

What is an Ideal Mortgage Rate and How Can Dominion Lending Centres Help You Get One?

Mike Christenson

Dominion Lending Edmonton
If you have been planning to leap into home ownership, you most definitely might be seeking to close your first mortgage. The first instinct is to compare as many lenders as possible. However, landing a great rate takes more than comparison shopping. Read More..

How to Avoid the First Time Home Buyer Loan Blues

Jeff Arthurs

first time home buyer loans
The prospect of finally owning a home is both exhilarating and scary. Largely, you do not know what to expect, what to avoid or even applicable regulations. In this flurry of emotions, it is easy to innocently commit mistakes that may cost you dearly in the future. Talking to a mortgage broker is a great start. Here is what you need to know before embarking on this journey of getting a first time home buyer loan. Read More..

Dominion Mortgage Brokers help first time home owners Use RRSPs For a Down Payment

Jamie Arthurs

Mortgage Broker Read More..

Mortgages: How to Borrow a Down-payment

Mike Christenson

Mortgages Edmonton Raising enough money for your down payment may be the biggest hurdle you will have to overcome before owning your dream Edmonton home. The ideal situation is saving up to raise the deposit. However, circumstances may not favor this option. Therefore, knowing that you don’t have a rich family to turn to, borrowing is your next logical option. So, here is how to borrow a down payment for mortgages Edmonton.  Read More..

Can I Consolidate Debt Using Alberta Home Equity Loans?

Jeff Arthurs

Alberta Home Equity Loans

Debt can be stressful. If you have a lot of debt, it may be adding additional stress to your life. With that being said, did you know that your home has the potential to get you out of debt? Well, if you have owned your home for a while and have a considerable amount of equity in it, a home equity loan may be just what you need to consolidate your debt and finally bring some order into your life.  Read More..

Who Pays a Mortgage Broker: Do They Charge a Fee?

Jamie Arthurs

Alberta Mortgage Brokers

On narrowing down the search for your dream home, the next step is to find the best mortgage to materialize this dream. However, most people do not have the time or savvy to find a mortgage that works for them, and they don’t know what they don’t know about all the other terms that can make a great or terrible mortgage. An excellent way to get informed and make an educated decision is by using a mortgage broker. To get you started, here is some preliminary information about engaging a mortgage broker.  Read More..

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